How does AI and Machine Learning (ML) deliver financially?

The total global workforce constitutes to about 4.5 billion individuals worldwide. That means that more than half the planet is engaged in a form of occupation that spans across every other sector and industry, ranging from actors in a movie to coal-mine workers. But with rapid globalisation, the workforce has fallen short of expectations. Multi-National [...]

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Why is Elon Musk afraid of AlphaGo-Zero?

The world dreams of a free market where every individual can contribute to the society and economy in his or her own capacity. But the downside to every beautiful thought is the presence of the ugly truth. The world economy is monopolised and free-trade is almost non-existent with big conglomerates and corporations calling the shots. [...]

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Who owns the content created by an AI? Patent and Copyright privileges

The technology that could potentially make or change the world has arrived into the 21st century. And as the industry of AI solutions and machine learning evolves into a possible trillion dollar industry by the end of the decade, a legal approach to its feasibility is being explored. The concept in conversation over here [...]

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What happens when AI and Blockchain collide?

Blockchain technology has inadvertently become the hottest topic of discussion when discussing about ledger based technology. And Artificial Intelligence is another, completely different concept that has garnered equal and competitive traction. But imagine the possibilities when these two worlds collide? This article is a brief insight that delves into this collusion. Cryptocurrency has been [...]

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Dubai: A walkthrough of the city’s future tech growth

A ministry devoted to Artificial Intelligence (AI), a simulated environment of Mars in the Emirati desert and a high-speed transport system Hyperloop has now given Dubai a new identity as “cradle of future technology”. From flying jetpacks to cars that can clock 950 km/hr on a single charge, the future is closer than ever imagined. [...]

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